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"Jay Harris is not only a boss personal trainer, but more importantly, i believe, a top, top person! I started training with Jay last November when all the gyms closed and our footy season got postponed. I wanted to stay fit, stay active, lose a bit of weight and keep my mind healthy.

I've learnt a lot from him. He constantly pushes you and genuinely wants the best for his clients. He is constantly laughing when I want to kill him doing horrific exercises and constantly tells shite jokes.

On a person level, Jay knows what an impact he's had on mine & my 2 little girls lives. He knows what he's done and how he's helped me and for that, I genuinely will never be able to thank him enough. 

His business is booming, he's only gonna continue to grow and I can't recommend Jay as a personal trainer enough.

Boss lad. Boss personal trainer. Boss mate."

Kev McCue

"I started with Jay Harris on the 16th July 2021 to bulk up and throw some discipline/consistency into my workouts and get a healthier life style. Since then, the journey has been incredible. We do 2 sessions a week, working hard every single week. My weight gain, physical and mental health constantly peaking each time through these last few months. Massive appreciation to Jay. Highly recommend to any one who wants to smash any personal goals and have the biggest laughs along the way!"

Jordan Walton

"Well, what can I say about Jay la. I came to jay when I was at an extreme low point in my life mentally after losing my mum and physically being almost 20 stone. Jay straight away made me feel comfortable being back in a gym environment and gave me reasonable targets regarding my weight and fitness. His training and nutrition guidance picked my mood up and after a few weeks, I was in the zone to get back on my feet. We absolutely smashed it and before long, I was down to 16 stone!

But the biggest compliment I can give Jay is that he is one of the most caring and funniest lads I know. He knows his stuff about fitness and he knows how fitness can make peoples mental health turn around for the better. I can honestly say that I would either be in a very dark place or taken the wrong road in life if it wasn't for his help. I'm now expecting my first child and really proper happy. Jay has contributed massively into getting me where I am today. I'm on a short break until the baby is born and then I'm heading straight back the gym with Jay for phase 2!!!! Thanks Jay lad!"

Ste Maguire

"Jay is one of the most loveliest, funniest PT's to train with. Jay makes you feel so at ease when training and makes the sessions fun and enjoyable. Hands down one of the best changes I've done is training with Jay. I'm seeing a change in my energy levels and body feels amazing. I would highly recommend Jay!"

Kelsie McCluskey

"With fitness taking a back seat through the last couple of years, getting back into a fitness routine was challenging but very rewarding with Jay's help. A great trainer and a great lad!"

Jason Patience

"I won the PT lottery and had ten PT sessions with Jay. I was enjoying our sessions so much and noticing such a difference I booked some more once the sessions has finished. Each session was different, focusing on a different area each time. Jay really pushed me and motivated me to finish each set even when I was aching! I have learnt so much from our sessions and I am now confident in completing a deadlift on my own, using the correct form that Jay taught me. Jay always checks up on you the next day to see how you're feeling, secretly enjoying if you're aching - it means you had a good workout! A great PT, proper good laugh during sessions too! Thanks Jay!"

Sarah Conlon

"Jay has been with my 15yr old sons PT for quite a while now and he has improved in all areas, fitness, strength and physique! Stuey finds the sessions fun and they built a great rapport and has followed him around 3 gyms and is now based at Crew42 Gym. The sessions are different each time, including boxing, football, weight training and he is really good at keeping the motivation going and making my son want to return each sessions. I would recommend Jay as a PT to anyone looking to improve themselves physically whether young or old, male or female, give him a go!"

Sara McDougall


"I got to a real low point in my life where I felt horrific looking at myself in the mirror. Starting with Jay was something I had always considered but never jumped the gun to just do it. When I moved back to Liverpool from Manchester enough was enough so I decided to get PT sessions with Jay. I haven't looked back since! Jay's sessions are not just workouts. they are very personal to your needs and he certainly goes above and beyond for his clients. He's constantly checking in on you and motivating you when you need it. I'm currently doing 2 sessions a week with Jay with looking at upping that to 3. The transformation up to now is ridiculous and I am looking forward to reaching my goal with Jay. Fantastic PT!"

Tom Pollard



"The initial goal when training with Jay was to get back to fitness after taking a long spell away from football. However, training twice a week with him is now part of my regular weekly routine now as his sessions not only get the absolute best out of me but they're also the most enjoyable from any PT I've been with. Away from the gym, Jay also keeps in touch to make sure diet is on point and checks in the day after sessions to see how the session has you feeling."

Jay Moss



"My 14 yr old son has trained with Jay for a few yrs now, he was reaching the "puppy fat" stage and had stopped playing football too. He has trained with Jay twice a week and between my son's hard work and Jays expertise, he is now a strong fit and healthy teenager. Jay also started training my other son who is 9. Both lads train together yet Jay adapts each exercise to Tailor their age/physique. Now we actually train as a family as myself and husband jumped on the bandwagon too. I don't know any other trainer that offers this facility. It gives us the chance to try to get fit n healthy together as family. We all really enjoy our time together with Jay, he is funny unique and very professional. Month by month we can really see a difference in our shapes plus Jay is always trying to keep us on track with our healthy eating too! I am thankful he has given us the chance to train together as a family, before this we were all apart sometimes 5 nights a week trying to fit in out own exercise ie classes, swimming, running, boxing etc etc . If you are looking for a great, fun, diverse trainer then give Jay a call, we are so happy we did. Kelly"

Kelly Millar



"I started training with Jay when i was 11 years old I am now 14 years old. When I first started training with jay I was not into any sport and was gaining weight. Then I found jay and started training with him Over the last 3 and a half years I have seen massive changes in myself thanks to jay for creating fun, hard and rewarding training sessions. ( you can see my before and after pictures on his Instagram page).
I now look forward to my pts each week and pushing myself to the next level of fitness. Thanks jay for help. Great trainer ! Kieran"


Kieran Millar

"I am 9 yrs old. My brother trains with jay so i wanted to join too. I enjoy my pts and Jay really pushes me. Sometimes he makes it really fun. I think Jay has a kind personality. He teaches us how to be healthy too. Thank you Jay!"

Nathan Millar



"Jay provided a session for 20 of our boys. He provided the equipment they need in a great purpose built facility in the technology park.
To keep 20 kids engaged is a hard enough task at the best of times. Jay managed this with ease. With his friendly easy going nature mixed with his insistence for hard work it made a great combination for our boys. They thoroughly enjoyed and were pushed to their limit. We will be coming again once a month!"

Joseph Daley, Kinglsey United U15 Football Manager

"I've been training with Jay now for about a year and a half, and I would never have thought I would have lasted this long. As someone who is really girly and use to hate PE at school, I never thought I would keep it up. Jay has motivated me right from the word 'go!' - It's also an advantage to me as he is my brother too (although I can't get away with sneaking in the odd chocolate bar anymore). However, on the odd occasions that I do, I never feel like a failure because Jay has always told myself and his many clients that treating yourself is what life is about. He will also suggest sensible substitutes, but he is a Personal Trainer that relates closely with everyone, and wants to understand more about the person he is training to make sure everything they do is to the best of their ability. He treats me in the exact same way he treats his clients, and I have noticed such a transformation in myself. I have always been a slim build so losing weight is never a priority to me, but keeping active and toned is my aim. As Jay knows more than anyone that sports has never been a favourite of mine until recently at Gym Monkeys, he always finds ways to make the sessions fun, closely monitors your targets and cheers you on through your successes. All of his clients are like his friends and for me that just shows that they enjoy it because they can see how much they/his job means to him. He is such a hard worker with an amazing sense of humour and the most passionate person you could meet, and thanks to him I have grown so much in confidence, strength and in the challenges he sets me. Thank you for all your help, and for finally making me fall in love with Fitness!"

Rachel Harris

"I have been going to Jays boxercise class at gym monkeys an i love it training with jay is a pleasure have fun but still work hard , keep up the good work jay. Highly recommend to anyone"

Kirsty Weightman


"Out of all the activities my children do in a week, Jay’s kids class is the one we can never miss. He makes fitness so much fun with loads of different exercises and games to tire them out, thanks Jay!"

Helen Kaufman

"Jay provides excellent 1:1 person training sessions. He took into account my injury and planned the sessions around that. Each session was well planned, fun and tough. I would highly recommend him"

Alison Edwards


"I go to Jay for a PT session once a week. He takes in to account what other exersice I have done during the week and is constantly mixing our sessions up. We are currently working on toning up my whole body, with a focus on arms and abs at the moment and I am already seeing definition and feeling a difference! Would definitely recommend"

Maisie Hesketh


"My son started training with Jay when he was 13. He really enjoys his sessions with Jay, not only does he enjoy the sessions he enjoys his company too as he’s a really nice friendly, helpful approachable guy. My son plays a lot of football but really enjoys training in a different way which is what Jay provides. Jay challenges him in various ways encouraging him to try new things each week with a new session plan. I would highly recommend Jay for any age or fitness range. He makes training an enjoyable experience!"

Lisa Chamberlain.


"Having recently joined Ben Dunne and not been to a gym for a number of years, I booked a months worth of personal training sessions with James to help me understand what I needed to do to achieve my personal goals. James understood exactly what I wanted and we set about on a strenuous regime of training which included cardio, fixed weights and free weights. I am now 6 weeks in and can see a big difference both in how I feel and my appearance. James has set me a programme that I am working my way through now. I would recommend James if you are looking to book a PT as he knows what he is talking about and is a nice guy too."

Eric Woods, 51.



"I am a senior executive with a very busy lifestyle. Driving a lot and living behind a desk. The wrong side of 60 and always plenty of excuses for not looking after myself. Like many other, I was mortified to see my holiday snaps after a break at Easter. At least five stone needed to go. To cut a long story short, I joined the gym and found James. Price seemed good. He seemed keen and we hit the road (well, the rowing machine.) I can honestly say if James hadn't kept on top of both the programme we built between us and my diary, I would never have achieved my targets. Target 1 was to lose 3 stone by Summer. I have just returned from strutting my stuff on the beach feeling so much better and 3 stone lighter. The next step is another 2 stone by Christmas. The programmes are built and altered as we go along depending on my workloads and free time. Talk about enthusiasm and value for money for money. You get both in bucket loads. Don't think about it, do it now."


Brian Dowling, 60.



''I joined the gym recently and it has been a pleasure working with James. I had little idea of the gym routines but James explained the process and the techniques clearly. He guided me with a personalised training session plan and helped me immensely to achieve my goal. It's very easy to work with him and the sessions were fun.''


Shahed Ahmed, 39.



"Before I booked my training sessions with James, I was very limited in my use of the gym equipment. On meeting with James and explaining what I wanted to achieve, James worked with me in showing the right equipment for me to use in order to achieve maximum results. James encouraged me and motivated me, particularly on occasions when I was feeling less than enthusiastic! I am really glad that I had my one-to-one training sessions with James as I now feel confident when training and feel that I am getting the most out of my sessions at the gym. I would highly recommend booking a personal training session with James."


Lynn Thompson, 47.


"Attending a gym is new for me, and attempting to start a regime of self improvement is something that takes some degree of assurance and confidence. Through my first eight sessions, James has helped me with both of those. I have been using machines and weight equipment that I would not have felt comfortable in using before, and getting some good cardio work in as well. Although it's early days for me, I have enjoyed everything we have done so far and believe I have began to see physical improvements and increased energy levels. Nutrition is another area in which James can advise, and we are about to look at that as well. I am paying for an additional 8 sessions starting this week, as I am keen to build on what I've already started. For anyone who is in any way apprehensive about starting at a gym - or who feels paid appointments may help with their own discipline, I can heartily recommend James as someone who will help take you forward! Doing this has made me wonder why I had never done it before until now."


Thomas German, 30.



"I worked with Jay for a few months to get myself into the routine of going to the gym reguarly and to get into good habits. I did two sessions a week and found it a really positive experience. Jay's availabilty was really good as he worked around my busy schedule, and his coaching style was also quite constructive. We reguarly discussed my goals and set new ones once those had been achieved. Now that I've come to the end of my training package, I feel more confident about how to work out independently, and I know which exercises I need to do in order to achieve the results I hope to achieve."


Chris Rimmer, 30.



"First time with a Personal Trainer, didn't realize what I was missing out on. My girlfriend had bought me a surprise present, I assumed she had pre ordered me the Xbox One, was I in for a shock. I didn't realize she had actually booked a 6 session package with a Personal Trainer. I was initially not looking forward to it. I've only had 6 sessions with James and already feel big improvements within myself. I will definitely be booking some more. He is very professional, polite and friendly, but he can still push you through your personal boundries that you thought would not be achievable. Definitely 10/10 and probably the best present I have ever got. Instead of buying my girlfriend some jewellery for Christmas, I am going to book her some sessions with James. He does some great packages and it's great value for money so I will get too save a few quid in the process."


Aniel Jagota, 29.



"I had never been to a gym before and was looking to bulk up but didn't know where to start, so I signed up with Jay and it's been worth every penny. His technical knowledge and guidance takes all the stress of the workout away and allows me to focus on achieving my goals. In seven weeks, I have already gained 7lbs, and have just signed up for another 6 weeks worth of sessions!"


"I originally signed up with Jay for six weeks. hoping his expertise and motivation would help put me in the right direction to gain some weight. But training with Jay was so effective, that before I knew it I was signing up for 6 months worth of sessions, and they have been worth every penny. With his guidance I have made huge progress on a consistent basis, smashing through all walls and obstacles with ease. Thanks to him, I have achieved my goals far sooner than I thought possible!!" (2ND REVIEW)


Samuel Elackman, 28.



"After a month with James, I can honestly say I'm well on my way to achieving my goal weight! Each session left me feeling amazing and I felt like I was losing a stone in sweat each session with the boxing and circuits! Not only have I lost weight but also began to tone up nicely, and I feel so much better for it!

Highly recommended pt and will be going back to him after summer!"


Nicole Friend, 20.



"Jay was fantastic. He tailored our sessions to exactly what I wanted and showed me lots of new techniques to get into the shape I was desperate for and at great value aswell! Highly recommended for anyone looking to get that holiday body."


Josh Hallam, 23.



"James is an excellent trainer. Before I started my 12 sessions I was badly out of shape and to say I was unfit was an understatement for someone like myself with little motivation to stay at the gym to get fit. It was really helpful to have someone there to spur me on each time, and from it I have found myself closer to achieving my goal from when I started."


Ronan Moore, 34.



"James is an excellent man motivator and inspires throughout each session. I have gained a lot more mental and physical strength throughout each session. I have learnt a lot about training and I feel he has squeezed the extra 30% plus of me in each session. I have enjoyed my 18 sessions and I will be back again to do more. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get in shape."


Damien Barry, 26.



"I would recommend Jay as a PT to anyone, he helped me know exactly what I had to do for each body part. I will definitely be getting another package before I go away on my holiday. Thanks Jay!"


Rea Smith, 18.



"Before I started training with James, I was 9st 9lbs and really unhappy with how I looked and felt.  I signed up for 18 sessions with the goal of getting down to 9st and also to tone up. The training was a mixture of circuits, boxing and abs work. It was hard work but I've loved every minute of it. James also gave me nutritional advice which helped me keep my diet on track. I have now come to the end of my course and I have reached my goal! My body has transformed from bloated, untoned and generally out of shape to toned and slim. I now have a flat stomach and I'm really happy with the muscle definition in my arms, legs and stomach. James is a fantastic trainer and I would gladly recommend him to anyone. I will definitely be working with him again in the near future."


Claire Davies, 35.



"Jays sessions were really helpful for me in reaching my goals. As a professional swimmer, it's important to make sure all aspects of my training are suited to my needs specific to my sport. Jay has taken on board my goals and aims and has come up with a programme which will help me improve and progress. He is completely professional at all times but also fun to work with. We had a good laugh too. We also did a fitness assessment which was very helpful for me to base my progress around. I would definitely recommend Jay and will recommend him to anyone who wants to train seriously and improve."


Paul Holmes, 28, City of Liverpool Swimming Club.



"I undertook a 12 session package with Jay with the aim of losing body fat and building muscle definition. I'd definitely recommend it. I've never been in better shape. Jay caters to all your fitness needs no matter what your end goal is and, with his wealth of knowledge in cardio, weights and diet, you're bound to reach it with his help."


Chris Norman, 27.



"I started my Personal Training sessions feeling unfit and de-motivated. After my first session with Jay, I felt motivated and ready to exercise, get fit and achieve my goals. Over my 8 Personal Training sessions I found Jay to be commited in getting me motivated by undertaking some activities which I enjoyed. For example, Boxing Pad work, treadmill and mini circuits. Jay always pushed me to my max and I felt great afterwards, as I know I would not have done this on my own! Each session included a variety of cardio and toning, which Jay demonstrated each time, to ensure I undertook the exercise correctly. Jay evaluated my fitness from session 1 until session 8 which had noticeably increased. Jay provided me with some excellent nutrition advice and options for healthy eating. On first meeting with Jay he was approachable, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. After 8 sessions I dropped 1 dress size and now feel motivated enough to exercise on my own in the gym. I felt I had gained more nutrition knowledge which will help keep the pounds off. I would definitely recommend Jay to anyone for Personal Training."





"I booked in with Jay for 8 sessions. Jay spoke to me before the first session about my diet and goals and what areas I wanted to work on. I had never done personal training before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but Jay is very knowledgeable and uses a variety of different exercises and every session was different. The sessions got harder the fitter I got so I was always challenging myself and improving. I wasn’t pushed but encouraged to give it 100%. After my sessions ended I have carried on with the personal training."


Alexandrea Freeman.



"I'm a semi professional boxer and very good friends with James. I train about 3-5 times a week with James doing a lot of cardio, core work, strength and pad work to keep me in shape and sharp for my boxing. He pushes me 110% knowing how much boxing means to me and he doesn't want to see me fail as a friend. Once we step through the doors in the gym, it's non stop training. I've also had a lot of muscle injuries in the past too but James is very very good at working round that too, making sure I don't get them injuries again. James also plans my diet for me depending on what type of training camp I'm doing which he is great at doing. I have never failed to make my weight once in all my fights yet and as long as I have James' help, it will always be easy work. He knows my goals and I have 100% faith in him to help me get them. James is a fantastic personal trainer and I would recommend him to anyone if anybody is looking for a personal trainer because he is your guy!"


Martin Freeman, Semi-Pro Boxer out of Engine Room Boxing Gym, 21.



"After going to my gym I found it hard to achieve personal goals & stay motivated. I then went to James for advice and to do sessions with him, along with my partner. He listened to what our goals were and based the sessions on them. The sessions with James were really fun & motivating. It was great to have someone pushing you that extra bit futher. The studio where we train is a fantastic environment . After a few sessions I found myself improving & heading in the right direction towards my goals. I would recommend James to anyone who wants to achieve goals or want any other advice such as nutrition etc..."


Lewis Roberts, 23.



"I had been attending my local gym for 9 months & was not noticing much improvement in my fitness or physique. Me and my partner decided to uptake 10 weeks of PT sessions with James. I felt he would help push me and get in me in the shape I wanted to be in for my holiday. Every sessions James pushed my fitness further, and even after just a couple of sessions, I noticed how much my fitness had improved & I could tell my body was getting more toned. James gave us advice on what to eat and what exercises to do in the gym that suited the workouts we did with him. James made every session fun even though every week he pushed us further & further. He designed individual exercises, ones that made us work together, and also ones that made us compete against each other. Every week I looked forward to our sessions and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a PT who not only pushes you to your limit, but also who makes the workouts fun & tailored to your needs."


Jessica, 21.



"After picking up a football injury and undergoing an operation in February 2015, I began going to Jay once a week to slowly get back into my fitness again. At first we started with static movements which didn't put too much strain on my knee, then gradually progressing onto advanced movements to help regain complete movement once again. Jay has been a fantastic trainer who is extremely motivational and knows exactly what I needed to achieve my goals. If you haven't been to a personal trainer before, get in contact ASAP!"


Matthew Hughes, 23.







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