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The benefits of having a Personal Trainer are to acquire the motivation that you may not posess when training alone. Also, to give you that extra push to help you reach your goals. The sessions are designed to accompany your physical and mental abilities improving any weaknesses you may find in your workout.


One weakness some members posess is that they have an unstructured and unorganized idea about the order of their workout. My personalized programs, created with my clients, offer the client a clear, more detailed plan, so that they can spend more time targeting certain areas for a longer period of time.



One question my clients frequently ask is 'What should I be eating?' This part of my services is not to tell you what to eat but to advise a healthy option to link in with the training you do in the gym. When you get the right nutrition, it contributes to around 60%-70% of how you look and feel.

           WEIGHT LOSS


Losing weight is one of the main reasons why people join a gym. If you are looking to burn calories, there are many different alternatives to the cardiovascular machines. Some of which include, weight training, gym classes such as Circuit Training and Bootcamp. Training with me gives the client effective, private insight into all these areas.



Fitness Training targets many areas of the body. My fitness training sessions range from timed sprints to all round intense body circuits. These sessions can be carried out in the studio or on the gym floor depending on the areas you would like to work.



Muscle Building has a lot more to it than lifting weights and putting them down. You need to make sure you keep track of everything you lift, how many reps and sets you do and most importantly, technique. For this to be effective, you need to do it properly. I keep track of everything that my clients do and muscle building is one of my favourite types of training.

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