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About Me

My name is James Harris and I am a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer.


My background to getting into Personal Training:


I decided to get into Personal Training after completing a Sports Coaching course shortly after finishing Sixth Form. This resulted in a Level 2 Diploma & an NVQ in Activity Leadership.

I have a Level 2 Qualification in Fitness Instructing and a Level 3 Qualification in Personal Training. I am also fully qualified in First Aid and have a Spin Course Qualification. Health & Fitness has always been a keen interest and passion of mine. 


My sessions are tailored for all age ranges as I work with Children & Adults. Since February 2019, I also train the staff at Everton Football Club. 


I used to also teach PE in a Primary School for 5 years and was also named in the Top 6 Personal Trainers in Liverpool in 2017 & 2019.


Offering one to one sessions ranging from nutritional advice to high intensity tailored programs. These programs target clients problem areas and pinpoint ways in which to improve their lifestyle.



             GROUP TRAINING

Group training links multiple individual needs into one effective workout session. We start with highlighting each clients goals and begin to implement a structured program that caters to all.

           KIDS TRAINING

One of my areas of expertise as I used to work in a primary school teaching PE. Kids training provides children a chance to understand the importance of health & fitness from a young age and get into a structured routine of keeping active outside of school.

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